Apr 8, 2009

High pressure on SR446

Your author considers himself the WW 446 barometer! As an average Cat 3 if I can sit in the group then the pace is average but if it's particularly fast week then I am OTB !
Well today the pressure was high and your author was GASSED after an ill advised early move off the front. A strong group of Alderfer Bergers (Cox, Neff, Sherer, Stewart), Fred Rose, Eric Hamilton, John Meyers, Ryan Shanahan and Trek-PRO Guy East were all ready to throw it down with no prisoners being taken. A steady stream of Cat 3 and 4s were blown out the back of the group in the early laps before the pace settled toward the end. After predicting a throw-down, Meyers took another victory in somewhat of a non-sprint after he benefited from some strong work from Mike Sherer.
And of the Little 5ers whose form must now be coming to the boil? Phi Psi had two guys survive until the end whilst Delts also had three guys riding well until the latter stages. Watch out for those teams to be rocking it hard in a couple of weeks!

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