Apr 2, 2009

Golden Cinder Shower Award!

There is a tradition to unofficially give said award to the first Men's racer(s) who are beaten by a girl at Series Events.

So without further pause-

Kristi Hewitt's new record made it tough for those dudes out there as she beat 101/165 riders. Thats 61% of the Mens field! However our lucky winner with a time of 2:34.08 is James Coudright of TMT! Hopefully for them it won't be the only award they win this year!

And our winner from Quals where Team Teter set another record?

Oh yes it was ZBT!!! Teter would have failed to make the Mens race by 0.14s! Beta were sooo close to winning something!

this is all in fun, please don't be offended


Anonymous said...

64/165 is not 62 percent

Geraint Parry said...

Stats ammended!

Anonymous said...

there were 165 riders, not all of em were men. think about it buddy...its not that hard. i'll give u a clue, some of the 165 were women. alright numnuts, u should get it now...

Geraint Parry said...

Look at the Mens 2009 ITT results. 165 riders. I'll even provide the link

Anonymous said...

soo much hate

Joseph Leenhouts-Martin said...

The way I see it Hewitt trained harder than 101 riders, men or women. I don't know her but if I did, I would congratulate her not for beating the men but for training hard and riding well.

I find it a bit improper of us modern men to loath being 'beaten by a girl.' Come on guys (and the Bloomington cycling community) let's stop hiding behind repressive stereotypes and encourage our female counterparts to ride hard and cast visions way beyond 'beating the men'

So, in that spirit, Hewwitt, keep kicking ass and taking names. It is about time some women rose up and challenged us men to train even halfway as hard as we talk. Nice work.

See you on the road.