Apr 13, 2009


- For those people looking for a fast training ride in Indy, the 46th and Central ride has started. From Aaron Hubbell- 'It's time to fire up 46th/Central. Start is at the church at (of course) 46th and Central in Indy. 6pm every Tues and Thur. Be ready to hammer, and make sure you have pretty solid paceline/pack skills. The margin of error can be pretty thin on this ride'.
I'd add that bringing your insurance card is essential as I understand the rules of the road are a minor inconvenience on this ride ;)

- Bedford has got a 'Critical Mass' style bike rally to raise money for cancer research happening on Friday evening. Check out the details here.

- The Second Coach Hep Cancer Challenge is on May 16th. There are a 25K, 50K and 100K ride routes available. Ride it, it's for a good cause!

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Anonymous said...

actually the bedford ride is friday morning. it is organized by the high school students, they ride from the west side of town to the high school. its not a traditional critical mass ride, its a fund raiser. and it even has a police escort! I'm probably doing it to support the kids and then tack on some miles from the high school.