Apr 17, 2009

Keep racing close to home

Racing comes close to Bloomington this weekend as the Indiana Race Series kicks off it's 2009 season. Saturday sees racing at Ceraland Park, just to the east of Columbus IN and Sunday sees racing at Pioneer Park in Mooresville, just south west of Indy. As the races as ABR sanctioned, no licence is needed and you can essentially pick the race you want to enter. Collegiate racers can race for $20.
Both courses are very rider friendly and are ideal for the inexperienced rider. Each day features an approx 1 mile circuit with very soft corners. Sunday's course has a reasonable hill, the 'packsplitter', that can get tough when solo but can be rolled up in the bunch in the big chainring.
There are a couple of races further afield close to the IN/KY border in the McDonalds Kentuckiana Spring Series that should also be fun events.
The weather is set fair, especially on saturday, so get out and race!

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