Apr 7, 2009


Hillsboro- Roubaix sounds as tough as advertised- check out the Bton bloggers for details and the results are here.

Sunday was the Marian crit and in the early races a few IU riders came to race. In a surprisingly lively Mens D race a few PIKE guys were mixing it up. Steve Meyer, Alex Frist and Kirk Weesner all made the top ten and these guys will definetely be challenging for the top 15 at Little 5 (after qualing 18th). In Mens C, Brant Powell was the lone IU rider and after being off the back early, he fought back to the peloton, attacked off the front and finished 5th in the final sprint. In Mens B, Grey Goat IU riders Nick Puaca and Ryan Kiel were active throughout and if not for a little bad luck in the finale would have finished further up.
The rain started to fall as the Womens A race started. There was a crash 50meters after the start, bolts of lightening appeared 5 minutes in and after the 10minutes the race was over. Louise Turner did hit the deck on one occasion but got back up to finish 3rd for IU. After that the heavens truly opened and the Marian Police cancelled the Mens A and the USAC races- a disappointingly soggy end to a day that started with ideal bike racing weather.

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