Apr 22, 2009

Swami says......on to the picks!

So since the start of the year Little 500 fever has been growing steadily. Now…… IT’S GO TIME! And like all serious, not so serious and plain crazed commentators it's time for BVN to make their picks! Sadly there is no Mr Bookmaker style opportunity to wager on Little 500 but if we imagine the (hypothetical) French Lick Sportsbook was asking BVN to lay a line then this is what they’d get-

April 24th- Odds to Win for the Womens race.

Wing-it- 4/1 co-fav. Can the other teams take advantage when Hewitt is off the bike. If not, Wing-it will win. Schwoegler knows how to coach a winner.
Kappa Delta- 4/1 co-fav. Cerone, Balbach and Panzica might be the strongest trio in the race.
Delta Gamma- 5/1. Ride 4 deep and Heath knows how to finish.
Teter- 5/1. So impressive in Quals and yet have seemed jaded recently. Van Kooten is as strong as ever but they MUST seize the day this year.
Kappa Alpha Theta- 6/1. Have rebounded strongly from last years difficult race but do they have a finisher?
Kappa Kappa Gamma- 8/1. Discount them at your peril. Looked good in TP and know how to win.
Alpha Gamma Delta- 10/1. Seemingly always there or thereabouts without ever truly challenging.
Army- 12/1. Have the speed but do they have the experience to finish if the opportunity arises?
DSP- 15/1. Strong and experienced but TP raised some doubts.
Pi Phi- 15/1. Brown has the class but does she have the team support?
Gamma Phi- 18/1. Likely a year too soon for another Arnesen to be in contention for the win.

The Field- 35/1. No-one else is deep enough to truly challenge.

April 25th- Odds to Win for the Mens race.

BKB -5/1 fav. Time trial strong but might need to finish solo.
Cutters- 6/1. If they are in contention at the end, they will win.
Phi Delt- 7/1. Experience, speed and itching for redemption after last years debacle.
FIJI- 7/1. Have the speed but do they have the experience to finish?
DTD- 8/1. A team on the 3-year slow burn can now compete with Maves and Neibler. Will they work with TMT?
TMT- 8/1. Will they form an 8-rider team with DTD and then finish with Parks?
GGS- 8/1. Lurking in the shadows and will strike if given the chance.
Phi Psi- 10/1. Mercer and Brown offer experience but can the rest of the team get them to the finish?
ATO- 10/1. Ziemba and Perez are two of the strongest but they have slipped off the radar during the spring series- could it be a cunning strategy?
DU- 15/1. The other teams will have the lap them or D-RR could win it in the sprint
Sigma Chi- 15/1. Dark horses who seem to be on the up-tick.
Acacia- 15/1. Experience will have them in contention but Shelton will have too much to do.
Wright Cycling- 18/1. Have been to the top ten before and Thayer rides fast.
DSP- 18/1. Will ride smart but have no stand out riders.
The Field- 50/1. Someone will pull a Wright and make the top ten but will not win.

Comments welcomed.

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AH said...

Cover of the current NUVO has the Cutters on it, and a big L5 article with photos. Online link here: http://nuvo.net/sports/article/little-500-big-fun