Apr 4, 2009

Miss n Out Results

On the Mens side David Richardson-Rossbach (DU) beat Eric Young (Cutters) in a tight sprint with David Ellis (Fiji) trailing in third. D-RR basically attacked just before turn three in each elimination lap during the semis and in the final and was A-OK doing so each time out. In the final he got a slight gap on Young and then just held it to the line. Impressive riding for sure! Other finalists were Matt Kain (PDT- 4th), Steve Ziemba (ATO, 5th) and Kenny Parks (TMT).

On the Womens side the final three were Caitlin Van Kooten (Teter), Kristi Hewitt (Wingit) and Caroline Brown (Pi Phi) although to say it was a final three would be misleading. After the final elimanation sprint Hewitt just kept going, riding a two lap ITT to win by a straightaway! She even punched the air in celebration on the back-stretch of the final lap! There is NO doubt who the fastest Womens rider is this year! Van Kooten was left to try and pull Hewitt back and so was beatly in the sprint by Brown for 2nd. For a rider who also climbs hills fast it was an impressive track performance by Caroline and I for one will be taking the Pi Phi challenge seriously! The other finalists were Jenna Cerone (KD- 4th), Kate Rogoski (DSP- 5th) and Sonja Arnesen (Gamma Phi).

Overall the event was run in beautiful weather with a good crowd throughout. The officiating was excellent with only Olivia Yeagy (Athena) and Robert Perez (ATO) having slight reasons to feel aggrieved but in something as tight as MnO these some errors are inevitable.
Next up for the Little 500 riders- Team Pursuit on April 18th.


Anonymous said...

They should change MnO so that it's the first wheel to touch the line so that it would be a little more clear on who is out.

Jake Tudorica said...

You should announce Team Pursuit like last year.

Anonymous said...

Cheap move to attack on the neutral lap

Anonymous said...

Cheap move?! She just rode away. Baby, that's racing. How many 'devil take the hindmost' races have you seen (or ridden in)?

Anonymous said...

Seen 2, Raced 2