Aug 2, 2010

ToEG Day 2

Basically cut and paste from Day1 except that Eric Young took the biggest W of his career with a major effort to take the Elk Grove Cat1/2 crit. His form has been steadily growing since Tour of Americas Dairyland (ToAD) but this is the best win to date. Ryan Knapp finished 7th using his amazing sneaky power in the last few laps as, by his own admission, he does lack a real sprint! Mike Sherer is probably a little over the top of his best form which came at ToAD but was still good enough for a decent payday in 9th.

Eric Young also won all the track races at Major Taylor on friday and I was asked today what I thought the chances are that he could take the Collegiate Triple Crown- winning a national title on velodrome and road as well as winning Little500. Given the unpredictable nature of all events (but mostly the crit) I'd set his odds at 12-1 (+12000).

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Anonymous said...

Nationals crit, Little 5, and collegiate Ntas I's say the odds are way better than that. The road race might be harder depending on the terrain.