Aug 15, 2010

IN crit Champs

So I have been accused of homerism toward Eric Young in recent weeks. Well that might be true but it's also true he won the State Crit Champs yesterday at Mass Ave by 5+ bike lengths. A quality eleven riders lapped the field in a group that included Uberti, Albers, Knapp, Strock, Leibovitz, Eisenger, Jacob. Once the lap was taken the group started to attack itself but no-one was able to get away until Greg Strock had a small gap with 2 laps to go. On the final lap Declan Doyle pulled Young back to Strock at which point he attacked early and kept/ extended the gap all the way through the final couple of corners to the finish where he was ahead of the Team Panther trio of Uberti, Albers and Knapp (who was very very proud of his IN state bronze medal ;).
Elsewhere Sinead Miller and Bri Kovac dominated the womens race with the youngster almost lapping the field twice. After riding the Giro Donne for the US national team it was like having a TdF finisher at the mens race and that difference in quality was obvious.
Other Bloomington interest was found in the Womens Cat 4 race and the Mens 4 where Liz Cobb and Miles Johnson both won their respective State Champs. Miles Johnson was in his first ever cat 4 race and offers some promise for the Phi Psi L5 team in coming years.


Anonymous said...

Young is a freakin' animal. He will soon start feeding on the pro's.

Anonymous said...

I want to see him do a street sprint against Bahati for 300 meters.

Anonymous said...

IUSF Fall series Street Sprints are open to everyone so lets get Pam to make it happen! Bahati vs Young on North Jordan with the Sigma Nu sound-system blaring and the SNU guys doing free weights on their porch will be a thing to behold!