Aug 24, 2010

Forest TT- 8/24/10

A few new faces graced the penultimate Forest TT in the coolest temperatures we'd had since April. Fred Rose took advantage of Ryan S going Merckx to win with an impressive 21.22. Ren-jay knocked a big chuck of time off his previous efforts and nudged under 22mins for the first time. Another great ride came from Melinda Balchan with a 26.58, she anchored AGD to 2nd in L5 last year and expect much more of the same next year. The final TT is in two weeks and it will be getting dark early so either drive out or ride with lights!
Name, Time
Fred Rose 21.22
Ren-jay Shei 21.55
Jonathan Atwell 22.36
Ryan Shanahan 23.02
Chris Beck 23.26
Bob Costello 23.56
Tom Cox 24.22
Clayton Feldman 24.25
Team Alderfer Coxdrum 25.56
Bobby Lite 25.59
Ashton Wischmeier 26.16
Geraint Parry 26.23
IU Team Pursuit 26.24
Carey Wagoner 26.56
Bruski 26.56
Melinda Balchan 26.58
Chris Bonham 27.56
Team Pansen 28.02
Ken Berglund 28.42
Austin Nielsen 28.52
Claire Troutman 29.18
Chelsea Merta 29.41
David Shirley (missed turn) 30.26
Luke Momper 30.32


Anonymous said...

Fred, you are aging backwards like Jonathon Winters from Mork and Mindy. Nice time dude!


Anonymous said...

I believe that is a PR for Rose, right?

Anonymous said...

Yes. That's one of the lowest times posted on this course. Besides, Ryan, Neff and Hamilton and I, there may only be 1-2 more that have ever gone that fast on this course.

Anonymous said...

toot toot!

Colin Allen said...

Added to the season cumulative results at