Aug 26, 2010

Boltinghouse Buffet

The BBC are putting on their annual 'Battle of Boltinghouse' NEXT thursday on Sept 2nd. It'll be the ideal 'warm-up' for the Monroe County HC!

From Carl Field- "Boltinghouse Buffet" will be held Thur, Sept 2. It's a 1-hr "time trial" to see who can make the most repeated climb/descent loops of Boltinghouse Hill in an hour. Last year's winner (Kevin Hays) did it 16 times .... unbelievable.

Sign up will be at the bottom of the hill at 6:15pm, the gun will go off for the mass start at 6:30 sharp. Fun will be had by ..... the spectators. For the climbers, it'll be a suffer-fest to say the least.

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