Aug 27, 2010

'Final' call out for IU Track Team

The growing IU track team is meeting at 4pm in 'The Commons' today to discuss events, organization and training for upcoming track nationals. If you're interested in participating then come along to see what's happening. There is another track clinic at Major Taylor scheduled for tomorrow if you haven't ridden on the track before. Contact Linda Fink about the clinic at
The first entry deadline is next thursday after which the price to entr rises from a ridiculous $45/event to a bonkers $55/event.

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Anonymous said...

I hope riders aren't discouraged by the event price - competing at national events is a wonderful experience and doing so while representing IU is even better. I've got lots of great memories.

That being said...$45 per event? Really?? Maybe for the team events/points race, but $45 to go out and ride the kilo?? Come on USA Cycling/NCCA!!