Aug 20, 2010

Indy Crit

This saturday downtown Indy. Will be a great event. Come race and hang around to see if the Kenda P-R-Os can stop the NUVO winning run. Jason Fowler is getting married on the start- finish line before the Cat5 race....or something..
Sign up here before 10am friday!

Results from Indy Crit. Great day of racing in the inaugural event. Some IU girls were riding well in the Cat4 race with Hannah Calvert winning a couple of primes and finishing 2nd. Eric Young, Erik Hamilton, Isaiah Newkirk and Ryan Knapp made the break in the feisty Pro/1/2/3 race with Young getting pipped for the win by Colton Barrett of Texas Roadhouse and Marian U.

Check out the photos from John Bennett including this of Chris West.

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