Aug 22, 2010

MMSF TT- Tuesday

TT starts at 7pm junction of Forest Road and Old37. Ride out from the back of BGI at 6pm if you wish.
From Sarah-
Come out and ride the MMSF TT!
There are two more time trials left for the season with the final TT on Sept 7th having a little extra incentive for attendance! Bloomington Bagel Company, Laughing Planet/Soma, and The Village Deli have pitched in to support the series by donating some goodies for the cyclists who come out to ride. Per usual, Most Improved Male and Female will be awarded for the riders that dropped the most time this year (Note: You obviously need two times for comparison and they must be in the same bike category. For example, you can't go cruise out a time on a road bike then show up the next weekend on a TT rig and blow it out of the water. And if you're a repeat cyclist, we'll know if you loaf it this week and go fast the next---I've got times all the way back to 2008!) There will also be a few raffles drawn at random, so come one come all!

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