Oct 2, 2009

WW- finale

Six laps of the 446 circuit was all that remained at the years end of the WWs! It was almost laps too far for young Matt Neibler as he almost got splatted by a 60mph boy-racer out on 446. Fortunately that was the only worrisome moment as the rest of the group kept it safe throughout and I only had to shout at a couple of people to ‘pull through’ instead of sitting limpet-like in 2nd wheel.
After a steady warm up pace-line lap the speed picked up to leave about 15 riders in contention for the ‘win’. Apologies for missing anyone but riders Mercer, O’ Hara, Neibler, Naegeli, Quay, Bortz, Templeman, Golas, and mighty Team Phi Delt (Burnworth, West, Kain, Sovinski, Blackwell) kept the pace pretty high with no breaks able to squeeze away from the group. On the final lap over the top of the ‘rise’ a promising duo of Templeman and Golas snuck away. The rest of the group was waiting and watching allowing Naegeli to jump across to make a trio up front with a few seconds lead going into the top corner. The impetus of the break was compromised when Templeman decided he’d had enough and turned for home! Naegeli tried to go it along but was run down with a few turns to go. There was some confusion before Team PDT took the reins with Burnworth tapping the hip taking Kain and West toward the front. Finally it was a drag race between Mercer and West with the Phi Psi Mercer taking the win. Look for West to get some revenge on Monday at the street sprints! It was a satisfying end to the year’s efforts so we’ll see you all next year the week or so after daylight saving starts!

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Hey it's Greg 'bortz' not 'vortz'