Oct 12, 2009

Track Results

BVN wasn't present so doesn't have much to add about the 'Day at the Track' aside from mentioning the the results for the cyclocross and time trials (Men, Womens) are posted.

It's a shame that Scott Catanzaro is a grad student because he would be the man to lift Delta-Chi back to relevance! If anyone has any insight then please comment below.


Anonymous said...

Here is a link to the Women's results:



Anonymous said...

Omnium Results Posted: htt://iusf.indiana.edu/Events_Programs/Little_500/MenOverall.pdf

For a second year in a row, Matt Nebler (Delta Tau Delta) is the Fall Series Champ. His dominate performance in Street Sprints proved that he is still in excellent form will likely play a key roll in training DTD to remain on top of the frat division.

Former Major Taylor rider James Coudright (now Delta Tau Delta) showed his versatility in sprinting and dodging hay bales to finish second.

Brant Powell (Black Key Bulls) proved he will be riding in April by placing high in all three events.

Scott Catanzaro (Delta Chi) smashed the time trial on an awful course and proved that despite his graduate status, he is still a force on the track.

Finally the Kiel Brothers (Grey Goat) out jumped, out climbed, and out pedaled the field in cyclocross and reminded the bunch that they will have a legit in April.