Oct 27, 2009


From Ren-jay-
There is a new Bloomington Ride Twitter! This is a resource for people to
find rides to go on, hopefully every day of the week. It's BloomingtonRide (link is
http://twitter.com/BloomingtonRide) and we'll be using it to post ride info. Furthermore Riders Council finalized a fall riding schedule with Rookie Rides leaving Mon/Wed at 12:15pm,
Tuesday at 12:00pm (noon) and Thursday at 12:30pm all leaving from the Wilcox House. Matt Neibler has agreed to lead a Wednesday ride (IUCC) that will be a fast paced group ride (similar to Wed. Worlds) leaving from Sample Gates at 4:00pm. There is also an IUCC Social Ride Fridays at 3:30pm from Sample Gates and a Sunday group ride at 12:00pm (noon) from Sample Gates.

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