Oct 21, 2009

Hilly Hundred

This weekend is the annual clown-show that is the Hilly Hundred! 1000s of riders rolling on weird and wonderful bikes around the roads us Bloomingtonites ride on all the time! From PROs to Joe Slows (on a recumbent) all forms of cycling-life take part!
Last year a huge group rolled out from Bloomington both mornings and it'd be great to do that again. Therefore after a few consultations the plan appears to be to meet at Soma at 9am on both mornings before riding out to intercept the route after which people can find their own pace! The weather will be a little chill but as ever it'll be a fun time!


AH said...

My favorite hilly moment was a few years back as Declan and I rapidly approached a midget twiddling his circus bike up a hill. I knew what was coming before D even saw the wee folk. It took everything I had to keep him from saying something to the poor lil' munchkin. By the time we were abreast with the leprechaun I almost had to physically restrain him from flinging comments at the little guy. Something about the wee folk really fires that Irishman up. Maybe he's still bitter for missing out on his pot of gold.

sharpE said...

ouch!...they are called little people, don't you watch TLC? Mine was the robustly proportioned lady with the saggy fake boobs in the Hooters t-shirt, as she was riding, I thought she had 4 arms.