Oct 12, 2009

Who's next?

So bad luck happens in 3s and in the spring that was certainly the case when Cox, Meyers and Shei all broke collarbones. So the question now is who's next? After riding really well all weekend at the UCI3 series of CX races both Mike Sherer and Ryan Knapp broke collarbones within 30minutes of each other! Sherer hit a barrier and went down whilst Knapp wrecked in the final sprint. He did get off the floor and finish the race in a Daryl Impey-esque moment but it was a really disappointing end to a great weekend of CX for Bloomington residents (see Truesport for details). Caitlin Coar caught the moment of impact and the aftermath of Ryan's wreck.

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Anonymous said...

How about nobody! We've had enough carnage in our little community for one season!