Oct 6, 2009

Street Sprints

The first leg of the fall cycling series was held in beautiful autumnal conditions. Battling over a challenging uphill course the sprints failed to generate much excitement amongst the few gathered spectators. This was likely due to the clear superiority of the eventually winners, Matt Neilber (DTD) and Caithlin Van Kooten (Teter). New DTD pledge and ex-TMTer James Coudright huffed, puffed and looked good giving Neibler a run for his money that bodes well for the reloading of last years L5 second place team. Highlight of the day were some of the clothing options with Adam Bailey (JJs) rocking the tri-suit and an unknown rider (to me at least) riding in denim and progressing well through the bracket! That guy needs to get with a team and some shorts! Neibler is clearly in great form and it would have been interesting if the watching Eric Young had been riding inside of spectating!
Results to follow when they get published!


Anonymous said...

Young would have taken him, no buts about it

Mercer said...

Guess we'll never know...either way good ride by Neebs.