Oct 1, 2009

Bike for Sale

These are two killer deals from Myron Lewis, a rider for Team Tortuga. Contact him at mlewis@tm.net

1. I am selling my TT bike that is in excellent condition and am unloading for $1,250. I also have a TT helmet that I will include for an extra $100. Specialized Transition Comp Tie trial bike with Vision TT Bars, Specialized TT seat, Thompson seat post, Shimano Ultegra breaks, Shimano Ultegra front detailer, Shimano Dura-ace (DA) shifters, DA 11-23 cassette, DA rear detailer and DA TT crank with 54/42 chain rings-175 length for more power and speed. The wheels are Mavic Cosmic Elite (high profile rim), continental tires. Frame size is a 56 so is a good fit for a rider 5'9--6'1". This bike could be pieced out for a profit. It would also be a great deal for someone interested in picking up some time.
2. I am also selling my 2007 Zipp 404s for $1,500 with tires, wheel bag, Dura-ace cassette (11-25) and an extra tubular tire. Great Deal.

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