Oct 8, 2009

Day at the Track

Sunday sees the conclusion of the IUSF Fall Cycling series with the 'Day at the track' featuring morning Cyclocross and an afternoon 10 lap TT of the track! It really should be a great day for spectating. Look for teams to put down some significant early markers, especially in the time trial.
Street Sprint Results are published here.


Trying to figure out the IUSF Website said...

Thanks for the link, IUSF can't get their website straight to save their ass. Why not put the results on the Fall Cycling Page instead of the 2009 Team Manual page. Geeze!!

KNaegeli said...

Interesting. I didn't come close to racing on Monday and I still won my first round heat.

Kudos for getting results up within the week, though.

Yahweh said...

The hand of God allowed you to be there in spirit Kaleb. One of the perks of being involved in the holy endeavor of CRU cycling. The power of christ compels you to participate in Sunday's ITT's. See you at the track.