Dec 7, 2010

Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse

The roster for the Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team is rapidly forming but we are still encouraging Women, Cat3,4,5s to apply for the team! It's going to be an exciting year for racing and cycling development in the Bloomington bike community and we want all dedicated racers to be involved! On the Women's side we have budgeted for riders who commit to racing to receive some clothing and support with race entries up to a pre-set level. Similar will occur with selected Cat3 racers. Cat4 and CAt5 racers will have to opportunity for the usual discounted clothing (as will all categories) and the ability to upgrade to the Cat3 squad following sporting success! The rosters that we have are looking to be competitive in all race categories thus representing Bloomington and the Scholars Inn in the best possible manner!
Download the application form from the team website (in development) and return it by post or bring it over to me at Myers Hall 359. Deadline is December 15th so get on it!


Frederick said...

The design really came out nicely. Very nice podium wear.


Anonymous said...

IMHO: I think there should be a vertical arrangment of a skull and a wolf and an AK-47 silhouettes added to the white space on the front (under the Oliver Winery logo). Oh and the bakehouse woman cartoon should have some sick tattoos, for example "long live long rides" in old English letters down her arm.

Anonymous said...

Why is there a Team Tortuga symbol? If I'm not mistaken it is now Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse.

Tom said...

The official name of the club is Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team Tortuga. We are # 7606 with USA Cycling.