Dec 9, 2010


Word on the street is that soon-to-be returning Bloomington resident Mike Sherer has graduated from the Verizon Wireless to the legit Pro squad Kelly Benefits. They announced his name in this Cycling News press release so it's a done deal. With Guy East leaving the team I was worried that Bloomington would be without a Kelly Pro! Maybe we'll be a two-Pro town come the spring as well...... Exciting times and big congratulations to Mike!

Glencoe Grand Prix: Mike Sherer Gets His Win from Verizon Wireless u25 Cycling on Vimeo.


Kaleb said...

An update to the Cycling News article now includes Mike's name. Congratulations, Mike!

Mike Sherer said...

Thanks GP. Looking forward to moving back for a few months. Perfect place to train.

RJ said...

looking forward to more epic rides with you Sherer...and epic LP sessions post-ride