Dec 17, 2010

Knapp in Belgium!

Ryan Knapp is picking up his blogging pace as he settles into European way of life. There's lots of snow on mainland Europe at the moment, the ideal time to ride your first World Cup Cyclocross race on sunday! You can check out the racing on, where they'll be links to relevant coverage- action starts at 8.30am ET. These are the biggest races in the world and it'll be cool to have a local representing the USA!
Patisserie (or whatever the Flemish word for it is!)


adamrodkey said...

So cool:
"The USA team looks strong, with Ryan Trebon, Jonathan Page, Brian Matter, Ryan Knapp, Mark Lalonde, Ryan Iddings and Sean Babcock on the official start list."
Knapps all class.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Ryan Knapp! It is really exciting to a have a local guy in the hunt on the continent. There can be no doubt now that cyclocross is the real deal, at home as well as abroad.

Anonymous said...

I bet that none of the teams look "strong"---I bet they all look like a bunch of pussies who can ride bikes fast. But yeah, that is awesome, live it up and good luck Knapp!!