Apr 13, 2010


I totally forgot about the Blueline Hub for quality L5 pics and video.

Some good results for Bloomingtonites over the weekend with Ryan Knapp, Mike Sherer and Erik Hamilton all finishing within the top 15 at Hillsboro-Roubaix. Below is a video of the finale of that race shot by a guy called David Henderson. It's kinda interestingly to see the speeds that everyone is going and the guys who seemed to be settled at the back of the group sprinting to hold their positions. Tough stuff.

Elsewhere Adam Rodkey finished 2nd in the Cat3 race over at the Hueston Woods RR (but I can't find results) and Don Galligher won the DINO series spring tune-up event.

It's L5 Team Pursuit on Saturday and the heats have been posted. Look for the usual suspects to battle it out- PDT, Phi Psi, Cutters, GGC, BKB, FIJI and new potential power Sig Chi. For the women DG and Theta looked good in this evenings TP practice an will probably meet in the final. However don't count out CvK led Teter and pole sitting Kappa.


adamrodkey said...

Cool video. Though that guy's shit's a little creaky. You can pick out Hamilton by his tatt. And the officials seemed less concerned w/ the yellow line than they were when I did this race.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes its good to remind ones self that there is other racing going in that isn't as parochial as L5! Those cones on the course just don't look safe to me!

AH said...

The video is a great primer on how to NOT defend a good finish position with 3km to go.