Apr 26, 2010

Jersey Night

So part of the Little 500 experience is the fabled 'Jersey Night' where riders go out and have a few drinks whilst wearing their jerseys. Although this extremely high-brow blog is not usually into such things (the author was on flavored water over the weekend) I have been asked to post this set of rules for 'Fantasy Jersey Night'.
Have at it kids, results in the comments section probably rated 'R'.

Waking up with more than 1 rider - 20 pts
Waking up in the dorms(only for seniors) - 50 pts
Making Out
-Top 5 finisher - 5 pts
-Finishing between 6-15 - 3 pts
-Finishing between 16-20 - 2 pts
-Finishing between 21-33 - 1 pts
-Wearing the same color jersey - 5 pts
-With someone a teammate has already tapped - 4pts
-Someone whose name you don't know -2 pts
Closing down Kilroy's - 3 pts
Wearing someone else's jersey - 3 pts
Keg Stands - 2 pts
Longest Keg Stand - 2 pts
Beer Pong and shotgun champion - 5 pts
Swimming in your Jersey - 4 pts
Consuming more alcohol than you did on your 21st birthday - 8 pts
Spending more than $80 - 7 pts
Spending more than $100- 10 pts
Getting kicked out
Before midnight - 10 pts
After midnight - 8 pts
Blacking out before midnight - 7 pts
"Successfully" making it to class before 10:00 am - 5 pts
Extra points if you're in your jersey- 5 pts
Extra points if you're in someone else's jersey - 10 pts
Puke and Rally - 10 pts
Puke and Don't Rally - negative 10 pts
Waking up in the hospital
From too much alcohol - negative value of the medical bill
For any other reason - value of the medical bill
Buying someone else a drink - 1 pt
Incorporating a line into from Breaking Away into conversation - 1 pt
If a male gdi wakes up in a sorority- 7 pts
If a frat brother wakes up in a sorority - 10 pts
Extra point if next to house mom's room
Plan B - 20 pts
Bonus: doing any two things simultaneously doubles points


Anonymous said...

do we have previous years results? I want to know the top teams for this year

Anonymous said...

Waking up in a lake (ahem...Patches) is equal to 30.

Domey :)

Anonymous said...

i heard he was naked with lusk. any truth to this? if so +30 points.

Gerber said...

Sorry Cutters this one is for the Greeks

Anonymous said...

Sorry Gerber, GDI's ruled Jersey night last year. The champion is pretty obvious from last year....Valerie Todorow, I can't even say all that was done by this man that night for fear of tarnishing his reputation, but anyone who was there knows...ha

Also, Notable mention to Kenny Parks for Puking and Rallying on multiple occasions in one night and dancing on a table with his shirt off at Roys...


Anonymous said...

Shirts will be off!

Crash Davis said...

This brings a tear to the Crash's eye, to see his points system finally codified and set to print. This is surely what Thomas Jefferson must have felt when he finally finished the Declaration of Independence. Except if someone else wrote it for him. But he would still be excited.

Anonymous said...

one team had 3 riders get kicked out of kilroys. 3 people threw up. and rallied. one was kicked out before midnight. one ended up at a sorority. another with a top 5 finisher. another at the dorms. they switched jerseys too and later rode the b bus. hundreds of fuckin cutters quotes. 3 went to class before 10. 1 got kicked out of class. and they blew fire once again!

E. Kiser said...

yea ^^ that sounds like the phi delts. sovinski was super drunk and it was hilarious. It must have been the 151. i was kicked out at 1:50ish... no clue why. i have a yoga final in about 30 minutes.. definitely going to vomit during the effort. Good times everyone. Thanks for a great year. See you out tonight.

Anonymous said...

if the above quote is truly the phi delts then they racked up over 70 points on the night. Those boys know how to race and throw down!

Anonymous said...

To the above post...add in 1 rider ended up on a couch in the union.. +5

JT said...

How many points was it to get Chuck Taylor out of bed at 2:30 in the AM to drive people home?

Anonymous said...

Chuck taylor drove people places.... but they definitely did not go home.

Anonymous said...

either way that is -50 points for waking him up. get a pledge! dont be a loser

Anonymous said...

Lets get to the preseason rankings for Jersey Night 2011. The 2 time defending champion Phi Delts are taking a huge hit losing 4 Jersey all-stars and could potentially drop off if their spectacular drinking skills and unique dance moves are not passed on to the young guns. The question remains, could their Jersey Night B team still have won? Who are you taking for Jersey Night 2011? Phi Delts or the field?