Apr 23, 2010

Get in the mood

Just to put everyone is the right frame of mind-

Although conversely the rain will likely make the track safer given how dry it's been recently.


AH said...

Serious question: Is it that common for L5 riders to fall down riding in a straight line?

Frederick said...

Like you've never seen that happen on a road course?

There's lot's of elements that factor into Little 500: lapped riders, loose track sections, and a huge disparity in rider abilities.

Start a race with Cat.5s and essentially 1s on a closed short course and see what happens.

RajMahall said...

Weather, mechanicals, sometime just fatigue, all can contribute to wrecks, no matter where or whom you race.

On a side note, although I've had my fair share of wrecks on the cinders so I can commiserate with the riders in this video, it's still one of my favorite race commercials.