Aug 5, 2009

Weekend Racing

It's always a shame when there is a clash of races within state and especially when said races are within a couple of hours of each other. Sadly that's how it is this coming Saturday.
Throughout the weekend is the always popular Indiana Stage Race presented by the Indiana Race Series. This involves the rapid Eagle Creek Crit on Saturday morning followed by a short TT in the early evening. Then on Sunday is the challenging Fort Ben circuit race on the east side of Indy. A fun weekend of racing!

Elsewhere on Saturday it is the Downtown Warsaw Crit. Dedicated Cat 1/2 Crit riders will hopefully be inspired to race twice on Saturday as the Eagle creek Crit starts at 9am and then the Warsaw Crit at 6pm. Plenty of time to recover and travel between venues.

The road season has barely a month left in it so get out and RACE!!

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