Aug 10, 2009

Update on Eagle Creek Park Wreck

From Rob Templeman

I just wanted to let you know about Tim Arnold's status. He was in a bad wreck at Eagle Creek in the Cat 4 race on Saturday. I don't have too many details, but he remains in ICU at Methodist. He sustained a head injury, but has had some awake moments. If anyone is interested, Toby Holsman at BGI North is taking a collection for him. You can call BGI North at (317) 842-4140 and ask to contribute to the "Tim Arnold work order." If you don't know Tim, he's an incredibly encouraging guy, will do anything to help his teammates, and a lot of fun to race with.



Dan Daly said...

Note on Tim's Status:

It appears to be a
bad concussion, but the initial CAT scan was good. No bleeding within the skull.
No other injuries to deal with as of 8:15 Saturday night except road rash. He was moved out of the ER around 9:00 and
had some more CAT scannng that was going to be done later in the evening to see
if there was any bruising done inside the skull. While that would be worrisome,
it is treatable and not as big a problem as bleeding which the earlier scan
ruled out. Good news.

Anonymous said...

now there's a surprise: a bad wreck in the cat4s at the eagle creek fast crit.