Aug 17, 2009

Tuesday Night Forest TT 8/18

Tuesday Night 10 mile TT in the Forest. Starts at 7pm. The ZIPP truck will be in attendance so if you wish to try out some ZIPP wheels then arrive a little earlier than usual so you can get properly hooked up. Start is at the junction of Old37 and Forest Road. I will be riding out to the course from the Samples Gates at 5.15pm and the usual ride will leave from the rear of BGI at 6pm. This maybe the final TT of the year so come on out and ride (it's up for discussion). Jordan Bailey has kindly agreed to do the time-keeping.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Jordan he should head out to break his fastest time (I've dropped off a spread sheet at Bike Garage with all times this year for those interested). I'm riding out for fun, resting the legs for a different event this weekend, and can time.
-Sarah (don't have a google acnt, so my default is to use "anonymous!")