Aug 31, 2009

Final Forest 10 mile TT

It's the final Forest 10mile TT of the year Tuesday night. 7pm start out and back on Forest road in Morgan Monroe State Forest. Those people who have previously set times during the year might be in line for a best improvement award! It'll be idlea trainin g for the upcoming IU Fall Cycling TT over the same (if shorter) course.
A group will ride out to the course at 6pm from the rear of BGI. Anyone planning on riding home should bring at least a rear light as it might be getting a little dark as we pull back into town.


Anonymous said...

I'm calling out Ryan Knapp to come out and show his TT skills as this year as been the most criminal (lack-of) use of a free team TT-rig in history!

Anonymous said...

Im calling out jordan Bailey!