Aug 24, 2009

Cyclo-cross Crazy!

Cyclo-cross is the coming-man in US bike racing and as appropriate Bloomington is hitching its wagon to this newly ultra-popular fall biking pastime. Therefore with the OVCX race series is just around the corner there are three days of CX training planned during the week:

From Don Galligher- Tuesday at
5:00pm Revolution Bike and Bean parking lot

Ride to Venue, warm-up with some easy riding, skills work, and then complete some technique driven laps on a designated course (should have barriers to practice on) pace will vary from very difficult to easy. Duration may be
2.0-2.5 hours (as daylight allows)

From Erik Hamilton and Fred Rose- ?pm at the Sample Gates

We are going to start a cross practice session each Wednesday. It will have a preset course but we want to offer a venue to practice skills and maybe get a little intensity in at the same time.

From Don Galligher- Thursday at 2:00pm Revolution Bike and Bean Parking lot

Ride and explore parks, trails, and roads, may include anything you may find on a CX course. Pace will be steady with some skills, dismounts, and CX specific running. Duration may be 1.5-2.0 hours

Of course for those people who want to ride hard on the road 'official' Wednesday Worlds will be continuing through the end of September. 5.30pm at the Sample Gates-

8/26- 446 Circuit
9/2- Forest/ NS/ SS
9/9- Buskirk- Paragon Loop
9/16- 446 Circuit
9/23- Forest Loop
9/30- 446 Circuit

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Anonymous said...

Wed. 5:30 Sample Gates. Warm up until 6:15pm and then 45min timed training race. If you can make it to the Gates at 5:30, no worries. Just get to the shelter house of the 17th st. tailgate fields by 6:15pm to play.