Aug 20, 2009

Good-Bye Axe-Murderer..... you'll be missed?

Approximately a year ago the Wednesday Worlds changed. Coinciding with the arrival in Bloomington of noted-face-smasher John Meyers they picked up a few extra MPHs that forced those riders barely surviving to be left far behind! Some folks bemoaned this development but hey, it's a training race so hang on for as long as you can! This year has seen a toning down of the Meyers aggression but it was rather fitting that on John's final WW as a Bloomington resident we were witness to a classic Axe-Murderer performance! The wind assisted trip down Anderson road was arguably the most rapid in recent memory with the speed barely touching below 30mph. After sit-ups and droppings it was down to a final four riders and all things being equal John would have taken the 'victory'! Regardless of the result it was a fitting end of his Bloomington sojourn. I'm sure he'll be missed (at least by those who can hang on his wheel...)!

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Anonymous said...

Stop Garaint. (You're gonna make me cry.)

Good luck in school John! Anytime you need a "throw down" fix you'll know where to find us.