Aug 18, 2009

Forest TT Results 8/18/09

There was a convivial atmosphere out at the TT helped in no small amount by the presence of Jeff Gold and the ZIPP truck! Approximately 8 riders took advantage to upgrade their wheel-sets and although they don't make up for a lack of fitness they certainly make you feel faster! Thanks again to Don Galligher for setting this up and to Jeff for taking the time to come on out with the wheels. On the road Ryan Shanahan was on record pace until he overheated a little on the way home and had to be content with the 2nd fastest time of the year with a 20-51. Greg Strock came in 2nd with a 21-09 whilst Erik Hamilton set a new unofficial 'Eddy Merckx' (no aero gear) time of 22-34. There were a solid 20 riders with a number of newbies and PRs. At the very least James Mckenzie and Brandon Money took advantage of the loaner ZIPPs to set fastest times! There will be one more Forest TT this year on September 1st. See you out there- excitingly Sarah will have some prizes for best improvements on the year!
Rider, Time
  1. Ryan Shanahan, 20.51
  2. Greg Strock, 21.09
  3. Russell Reed, 22.12
  4. Eric Hamilton, 22.34
  5. Jason Romain, 23.04
  6. Jonathan Atwell, 23.30
  7. Ren-jay Shei, 24.03
  8. Brandon Money, 24.14
  9. Tom Cox, 24.21
  10. Chris Beck, 25.04
  11. Alex Jerden, 25.29
  12. Geraint Parry, 25.30
  13. James McKenzie, 25.32
  14. Kirk Weesner, 26.33
  15. Randi Cox, 27.17
  16. Joel Mickeborough, 27.36
  17. John Murray, 28.04
  18. Angela Breeden, 28.39
  19. Heather McAllister, 28.44
  20. Erica Strock, 28.54
Thanks to Sarah, Jordan, Adam et al for timing...


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Jeff and Zipp for the wheels. Too bad Don didn't stick around to actually witness the TT or perhaps participate in it. O well, at least he gets credit for setting it up. Kind of disrespectful to Jeff if you ask me. "Hey bring out your awesome wheels and help guys swap them while you're at it and I will take all the credit." Thanks again Jeff you rock!

adamrodkey said...

Thanks Jeff for making the trip down. Always nice to chat w/ you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jeff most certainly does rock. He's good peeps.