Jun 7, 2009

What the hells going on out there?

Sadly crashing is an inevitable part of riding a bike. Also true is that when a person hits the deck then it's unpredictable what the outcome will. If the same crash was repeated 10 times I firmly believe that you'd have 10 different injury lists!
So it's somewhat of a shocker that in Bloomington in the past weeks there have been a few serious injuries during seemingly innocuous training rides. All the more weird is that most have featured the young and most talented riders in our community. A few weeks back a skipped chain whilst sprinting deposited Issac Neff to the ground where he had the misfortune to take a chain wheel the face resulting in a broken nose and other injuries. Then in the past 10 days both John Meyers and Ren-jay Shei have broken collarbones whilst riding on the road and Randi Cox did herself the same damage whilst MTBing. It's arguable and now somewhat moot whether each or all of these wrecks were avoidable but the resulting injuries do seem rather severe! Be careful out there, the asphalt is unforgiving!

Shei, Armstrong, Meyers. Which is which- you decide?

A word to the wise- when turning left from Gettys Creek onto Kerr Creek beware some sand in an unpredictable location in the riding line. Earlier today your author and a teammate hit the sand and then hit the deck. Fortunately the face-plant that followed resulted in only some soreness and a broken wheel. On recent evidence that was a favorable return!

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