Jun 30, 2009

Weekend Update

Summer is here and the racing is plentiful!

Eric Hamilton (NUVO) continues to inch up the podium steps with a big 2nd place in the IL State Crit Champs in Peoria. A two-man break with on-form Jeff Schroetlin (ABD) was a tough way to get 2nd but as Eric's form continues to improve a big win is surely around the corner. The IN State Champs in Bloomington perhaps?

The wildly successful America's Dairyland race series is over and Mike Sherer was a consistent top 20 finisher and pulled off 16th overall in the 10-race overall series. Given the quality of the opposition this represents a great result and a step up in Sherer's development as a bike racer.

The big races in OH were at Hyde Park Blast and the Tour of Grandview. The big Bloomington results came in the womens races with Bri Kovac and Louise Turner (Alderfer Bergen) who took home some big money in the top 4 in both races!! In short these races are AWESOME! The Hyde Park race is set in the swanky self-named neighborhood in Cincinnati and there were without doubt a few thousand people in attendance, watching the racing, having a beer, listening to the band and generally enjoying the summer evening. If you get a chance to race/ spectate next year then you should take advantage (June 26th 2010).

David Caughlin taking tickets at the back of the brutal Pro/1/2 race at the Hyde Park Blast
Photo- Jeff Jakucyk

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AH said...

We'll get Hamilton on the top step before too long.