Jun 6, 2009

Ryan Knapp- Champion of Indiana!

After getting in a mid-race breakaway that was brought back into the fold with one lap to go Bloomingtons own Ryan Knapp (RGF) had the strength to take 2nd in the final sprint and be first Indiana rider. Therefore he's the champ! Kirk Albers was first across the line but as he resides out of state it's almost as if it didn't happen.

The brief results are in with more Bloomington successes-

Tom Cox (Alderfer Bergen) takes the win in the Masters 35+ after riding half of the Pro/1/2 race as well. By my count thats approx 100miles of racing for the day!

Rob Templeman (MOB squad) 2nd in the big bunch sprint in the Cat3 race.

Erin Axley and Kristen Metherd (Morris Trucking and Theta Cycling) go 1/2 in the Womens B race.

Taylor Gaines (Turner) wins the Junior 17-18 after another 90+miles of racing (he did the Cat3 race as well).

Scott McClary (Morris Trucking) takes 2nd in the Junior 15-16.

Congrats to one and all!!

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