Jun 22, 2009

Weekend Results

Ecofest Crit

MTV Friday night racing. Eric Young has taken to the track and has started killing that as well. Also some good results from Val Todorow.

Video from MTV Cat1/2/3 Elimination race (thanks to Plamen Todorow)

Some good local results from Americas Dairyland races. Mike Sherer and Ryan Knapp both taking top 10 places with Sherer in 11th overall after halve of the race series. Louise Turner was 5th in sunday race.

Tour of Winghaven. Lauren Half (DG-Dogfish) was top ten in the big money womens open race and Eric Hamilton (NUVO) continued to reap top 5 results in the 2/3 race. Big John Grant (Tx Roadhouse) rode strong the crazy hot and hard NRC Pro/1 race.

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AH said...

Three words for Young:

1. Mandatory
2. Up
3. Grade