Jun 3, 2009


This last sunday was the DINO MTB race in BCSP and there was a great overall turnout which featured Bloomington riders past and present. The full results are here. In the somewhat confusing 'two races into one' Pro/1E and 1A races, Jean-Luc Serriere once again returned from PA to take his customary victory. Revolution B+B owner Andy Messer (DRT) was 3th whilst Tomas Golas was first of the 1A riders and 6th overall. Remarkably Mike Sherer rocked the pink-peril-single-speed-full-hard-ride MTB to an impressive 7th. Your MTB neophtye
author has no idea how these guys go so fast on the trails! Both Mike Feske and Adam Rodkey also finished strongly within the top 25.
In the Cat2 race a couple of Tortugans, Wil Adams and Cody Woods were in the top 15 whilst Pam Loebig (and her awesome sunglasses) crossed over onto the trails with a third in the Cat2 womens race!
All in all it was a fantastic day of racing that showed that at least in Southern Indiana MTB racing is alive and kicking!
The leaders in the Pro/1E race about the enter the single track
Photo- Jason Breeden

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