Jun 18, 2009

Summertime in the Midwest

We may be under recession but the big-time, big-money road racing in the Midwest doesn't appear to have been greatly affected! The next month has a group of big races all within a few hours of Bloomington and I'm sure there'll be some local success in these events.

June 18th- June 28th. Tour of America's Dairyland. A new series of 10 races throughout WI organized by Tom Schuler

June 21st- Tour of Winghaven National Racing Calender (NRC) event just to the west of St Louis. BVN will be in attendance and any local -interest stories will be added to the BVN twitter feed.

July 10th- July 26th. Superweek. Long running series of races throughout Chicago and Southern WI. Big money, international riders and fierce competition

July 18th- Bloomington Downtown Crit. Indiana State Crit Champs!

July 26th- Chicago Criterium. Big money crit in Chicagos Grant Park. An important showcase for the 2016 Olympic bid.

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