Jun 25, 2009

Hyde Park Blast

This weekend there is a big weekend of racing in eastern Ohio. On Saturday is the awesome Hyde Park Blast in Cincinnati. The evening bike races are the cumulative of a day-long block party that includes kids events and running races. The races start at 5pm and then Pro/1/2 race ends the days events at 8.15pm. Pre-registration ends this evening at 8pm so sign-up now for a great event. The course is simple and yet as challenging as they come, positioning is key, especially in the bigger fields.

Many readers may know about the Two Johns Podcast, basically it's two regular guys who talk about cycling in a amusing and irreverent manner. One of the 'Johns' is announcing the HPBlast and the latest podacst has an interview with the promotor. For the race preview listen at about the 22minutes mark but I encourage you to listen to the whole thing

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