Sep 15, 2010

Monroe County HC

A good group showed up to battle up Lentz Road on the new course for the Monroe County HC. It was the fourth winner in as many years with Erik Hamilton talking his first victory in new colors (other winners have been Sherer, Shei and Shanahan). It was a much shorter effort than the Pinegrove climb but there were no TT bikes in evidence and there were some 1minute max power efforts made by both Hamilton and second placed Jon Atwell. Fred Rose was third overall and won the Over30s trophies whilst Randi Cox (Women) and Jake Tudorica (Frat-star) won the other categories. It was great to see a few new riders out there including the Air Force L5 team. Special props to Perry Griffith who was riding on his 50th- not how I should spend my birthday!
Name, Place
Erik Hamilton 1.43
Jon Atwell 1.48
Fred Rose 1.54
Scott Catanzaro 1.56
Trey Richardson 1.56
Bob Lite 2.05
Chris Wood 2.06
Ryan Preske 2.09
Paul Levy 2.1
Jake Tudorica 2.14
Drew Stroshine 2.19
Zach Stine 2.22
Julian Landono 2.24
Chris Bonham 2.25
Nick Panozzo 2.31
Jeff Yoder 2.35
Adrian Gutierrez2.36
Robert Johnson 2.38
Jeremy Levin 2.4
Randi Cox 2.43
Justin Keene 2.47
Perry Griffith 2.55




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