Sep 7, 2010

Forest TT- 09/07/10

The final TT of the year had a solid turnout of over 20 riders including a pack of Cutters! After an excellent half-ironman debut over the weekend, Jonathan Atwell used his late season form to win the day and take home the BBC gift card! Arguably most impressive ride came from Kevin Depasse who also used some tri-form to log a 23.02 on a road bike with TT bars. Elsewhere Mindi Balchan was the fastest lady and she also had the best improvement on the year to win prizes from BBC and Soma! Ren-jay Shei set a solid Merckxx TT with a 20min max power effort to improve from his worst time of the year by the largest amount (Laughing Planet gift card). Another great year of time trialing so thanks to all who have timed and mostly to Sarah Sanders who's the driving force behind the series!
Name, Time
Jonathan Atwell 22.25
Kevin Depasse 23.02
Ren-jay Shei 23.26
Scott Catanzaro 23.41
Clayton Feldman 23.49
Myron Lewis 24.05
Tom Cox 24.12
Zack Lusk 24.2
Jake Tudorica 24.44
Sam Harbison 24.54
Ryan Preske 24.56
RJ Half 25.24
Chris Arvin 25.27
Bob Lite 25.46
Brad Koszula 26.39
Team Big Half Cox 26.41
Mindi Balchan 27
David Shirley 27.03
Sam Stanford 27.22
Nick Panozzo 27.35
Jeff Yoder 28.35
Keegan Allanson 28.44
Eric 'Bro' Klein 28.57
Claire Troutman 30.03
Mindi Balchan
Jon Atwell


adamrodkey said...

Was there a "best dressed" award for Jatwell?

Geraint Parry said...

He's just modelling the latest incarnation of the Alderfer Bergen team kit!

adamrodkey said...

Oh snap!

Colin Allen said...

And, now added to the aggregated results at

Congrats to all!