Sep 2, 2010

The Battle

A healthy group of maybe 15 riders rocked up to ride the Battle of Boltinghouse! The median age must of been in the 50s and it was difficult to say whether the creaking on the steepest part of the hill was the bikes or the knees! Cat 3 racer Ryan Preske took an early lead but after a couple of laps young BBCer Nathan Dailey took control of the event. While Ryan solidly plowed up the climb, Nathan was weaving from side to side yet managed to maintain a good distance ahead to finish with 14 (maybe 15) ascents. Nice job to all who competed and jolliest riders were Jeff Yoder and Dave Tanner who pedaled those granny gears with some ease up the hill!


Nathan said...

Hey there, Geraint. Nathan here. Just wanted to let you know that my last name is "Dailey." Thanks, and thanks for the video!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job Nathan!! --sarah