Sep 18, 2010

Come Support IU Track Team!

Next weekend is Collegiate Track Nationals in Indianapolis! Come out to support your favorite IU riders! Dean Peterson (Marian Head Coach) mentioned there is going to be a party atmosphere in at the track with special International food festival on friday night and a bunch of stuff going on Saturday evening. Thanks again to Scholars Inn for helping out with entry fees!
The full schedule can be found here but the IU riders that are featuring are-

Thu AM
4k Pursuit- Scott Catanzaro
3k Pursuit- Kristen Metherd

Thu PM-
Kilo- Sam Harbison, Chris West, Eric Young
500m TT- Ashley Pilipiszyn, Metherd

Fri AM-
Team Sprint- Metherd, Hannah Calvert, Harbison, Catanzaro, West, Young
Mens Sprint Quals- Young, West
Womens Team Pursuit- Calvert, Pilipiszyn, Metherd, Rachel Fullmer

Fri PM
Team Sprint FINAL (2 teams- hopefully IU+ one other)
Mens Sprint finals
Womens Points Race- Metherd
Sat AM-
Mens Points Race quals- West, Young
Womens Sprint- Calvert

Sat PM-
Mens Points race Final
Womens Sprint Final

And yes Kristen Metherd is the biggest IU participant (the max 5 events!)


Chris B said...

I'll be driving up with open seats if anyone wants to join.

Anonymous said...

ill be there!

Anonymous said...

Friday AM should be the most interesting session if you can only make one.

Anonymous said...

is there a rule about alcohol at this event? can you bring a cooler in?