Jul 15, 2009

Wednesday Worlds

446 circuit. Come and hone your speed for the Bloomington Crit! Don't forget to register!
5.30p at the Gates, approx 6pm out at the circuit.


Anonymous said...

Here's a thought for the 446 loop: When it gets down to crunch time on the final lap, all you "hammer heads" who've already been dropped and lapped, get out of the way. There is _no_ reason for you to jump back in and help chase down a break away in the final meters when you're already out of the race!!!!

Oh, and the behaviour of a certain rider wearing a Nuvo jersey (not a current rider as I understand it) was strictly out of bounds. There is no need for that sort of attitude!!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more!

AH said...

Glad it wasn't a current rider. I've already got my hands full keeping those young pups in line. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You're talking about the one-trick pony right? Yeah he always gets into it with somebody. All we can do is keep shelling him off the back and hope he gets the hint...Worlds is too fun to let him ruin it.