Jul 7, 2009

Forest TT 7/7/09

It took a while but Ryan Shanahan showed his great form (7th in Masters 35-40 Nationals TT last week) to break the course record at the Forest TT. The time was 20-45 which is a huge improvement on the previous best of 20-59 by Issac Neff set earlier in the year. Ryan attributed the ride to some slight tweaks in position that at that pace can help a great deal! To paraphrase an earlier conversation with Ryan- 'He (Issac) can climb, ride crits, sprint, ride MTB and cycloX better than me AND is better looking but at least I reclaimed the best TT time'.
Greg Strock, fresh from his 3rd place in the same Masters TT, improved to 21-09 for second place on the evening. Rob Templeman came out to play for the first time in '09 and roared to a 21.23 for third place to make the evening the fastest of the year by far! Elsewhere Erica Strock had the greatest improvement on the day with a 48 second bettering of her previous time.

Name, Time
  1. Ryan Shanahan 20.45
  2. Greg Strock 21.09
  3. Rob Templeman 21.23
  4. Adam Rodkey 23.10
  5. Taylor Gaines 23.29
  6. Jonathan Atwell 23.55
  7. Kaleb Naegeli 24.25
  8. Chris Beck 24.35
  9. Chris Arvin 25.22
  10. Bill Bedwell 25.36
  11. Marty McCrory 26.13
  12. Geraint Parry 26.23
  13. Kirk Weesner 26.34
  14. James McKenzie 26.47
  15. Brian Drummy 26.50
  16. Jeff Yoder 27.04
  17. Erica Strock 29.12


martinmccrory said...

Big time for Ryan. Congrats! Save some talent for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Awesome job Ryan!!!

Isaac said...

way to go ryan! thats fast.