Jul 30, 2009

MTB weekend Clash

Last weeks DINO MTB race in Versailles was postponed and moved to this coming Sunday 2nd instead. It seems an unfortunate change as there is also a DRT Consulting MTB race in Brown County State Park on the same day. You don't get many MTB races in a year so it seems a shame to have them scheduled against each other but DINO is the big man on the block so I guess feels it can run over the little guy!


Anonymous said...

Who really cares if the DRT race gets overshadowed. You have to ask the question, if given the opportunity wouldnt Don (the esteemed DRT leader) do the same thing. From what I hear he has to be the big dog in every situation and often has no regards for others. He has aspirations of being the only MTB series and would seemingly do whatever necessary to get to the top no matter who he has to use. I have no sympathy for him or the DRT series. If DINO is going to run over the little guy, I am sure glad they picked this one.

Geraint Parry said...

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Anonymous said...

wow. this DINO/DRT issue is super lame.

Lindsay said...

It looks like the DINO race is postponed again, so I guess it won't be an issue after all.

Anonymous said...

Full Msg from the DINO people here-

Versailles received
significant rain last night and the race is cancelled for this weekend as
conditions are not good. I applaud Brian for being a good trail steward, since
some of the trails there are very new are more susceptible to damage than a
more established trail. There is not a rescheduled date as of yet.

There is no shortage of events for this weekend and if you
are looking for other great events to do, the HMBA Century is on Saturday and
the DRT Time Trial at Brown
County State

Anonymous said...

I'm super serial guys