Jul 30, 2009

HMBA Century

This saturday is the HMBA century ride. It starts in Franklin IN comes down to Bloomington for lunch and then back up to Frankfort to finish. It is very hilly and pretty much takes in all the ascents we know and love in the area; Owl Creek, North Shore, Bearwallow, Boltinghouse etc. As in previous years a group will be leaving the Sample Gates at 6.15AM to ride up toward Franklin and intercept the HMBA route close to the start (the ride starts at 8am) and then ride the route back into Bloomington. It's a fun ride and there's a the option for lunch at the end of the ride at Revolution B+B ($5). Email me for more information- geraint.parry75@gmail.com
This is the route-

This is the route we'll follow riding out of Bloomington- see you out there!


adamrodkey said...

I think this ride starts in FrankLIN, not FrankFORT (Frankfort being my hometown). People don't ride bikes in Frankfort.

Geraint Parry said...

Thanks Adam- its ammended. Shirley there are too many Frank's in this state